What Sexy Valentine’s Costume and Lingerie to buy for your partner?

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What Sexy Valentine’s Costume and Lingerie to buy for your partner?

(From a woman’s and man’s perspective)

No sooner has Christmas finished and already Valentine’s Day is nearly here, and it is an ideal time to spice things up with a sexy costume or lingerie for your partner, or yourself. Valentine’s Day is a great time to let loose and have fun. Even if you are a conservative couple, you can use the day as a perfect excuse to go wild and have fun in a sexy outfit. A quality piece of lingerie or a teasing costume can set the mood for an evening both of you will not forget in a hurry, whilst buying a pretty awesome gift at the same time. So with this in mind, what is the best way to get your man’s attention?


Women everywhere should embrace the opportunities available, when it comes to sexy lingerie for Valentines Day. You can spend a fortune on underwear for yourself, and then it can be classed as a present for him from you! Everything is justifiable from sexy nighties to a seductive bra and underwear set. This alone would lead to an evening to remember. If you are a more adventurous then there are tons of stunning sexy Valentine’s costumes out there. Does your man have a secret desire you would like to fulfil, or if like most, just the sight of you in a sexy tight themed costume will do the trick nicely. Combining role play with a sexy costume can be a great way to spend Valentine’s Day night.


If you are a guy and have come across this site looking for something for your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day, then look no further than our lingerie and costume section full of Valentine’s outfits for all types of partners. If she is not one to normally surprise you in a skimpy nurse costume, then go for something less provocative but still sexy, like a full costume or more conservative underwear set. If your girlfriend is more open to dressing up then something subtle will not excite but a red untie me ribbon by Ann Summers certainly will. And if you pick correctly it will not be the last time you will see the outfit!

Check out all of Nothing But Sexy for a full range of sexy costumes and lingerie in a variety of sizes from 6 to 24. We point you in the right direction to find the best costume for you and your partner this Valentine’s Day and /evening.



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